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Bar graphs

A bar graph is a way to record data. 
Bar graphs use bars to show value. It can help you to compare the information and answer questions.

A bar chart is made of these elements:
* A title related to data or information.
Bars of the same width and with equal space between them
*Labels on the axes that present the data in a clear way.

Examples of a Bar graph

Interpreting data "Marine World visit"
1. How many students saw reptiles in the Marine world visit?
2. How many students saw mammals in the Marine world visit?
3. Which marine creatures were the most seen by the students?
4. Which marine creatures were the least seen by the students?

Interpreting data "Favourite food"

1. How many kinds of food took part in the survey?
2. How many students voted for apples?
3. How many students voted for grapes?
4. Which food is the least popular?
5. Which food is the most popular?

viernes, 6 de julio de 2018

Keeping the balance

Did you know that Ecology is the study of living things and how they interact with each other? 
All living species interact in different ways in nature. Watch the video to inquire more about this topic...

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Let´s reflect

By 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish...
What do you feel about this?
Who do you think is responsible for this?
What can you do to stop this?

lunes, 18 de junio de 2018

Our 3rd Unit of Inquiry is: 
Sharing the Planet

Our Central Idea is 

Living things change and interact in different ways affecting natural balance.

Lines of Inquiry
    • Living organisms including humans depend on each other for survival.

    • Human activity impacts on native species and their habitats.

    • Community members and institutions protect native species.

What I know about the INTERACTION of animals, plants and elements?
What does INTERACTION mean?
What is my responsibility to the environment?

We will be also working on appreciation and enthusiasm to take care of our planet resources.

We invite you to find out more about this unit...

Form 2 teachers

jueves, 14 de junio de 2018


FICTION refers to literature created from imagination. Examples are "The beauty and the beast", "Pinocchio" or "The lion king".

NON FICTION refers to literature based on facts. It give us information about a certain topic, which includes history, cooking, science, biography and more.

Here there are some Fiction an Non- fiction elements 

When you make up a story you need some elements to consider such as
Character, Setting, Problem, Solution.

An example: "The three little pigs"




Here there are some typical phrases to start, to develop and to end a story.

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Let´s learn more about INVERTEBRATES!

The next is a video about Arthropods in general...

In the class os Arthropods we find Arachnides, Insects and Crustaceans.

Arachnides characteristics
Arachnides examples