miércoles, 18 de abril de 2018

Place Value, Value and Expanded form

PLACE VALUE helps us to determine  the VALUE of numbers.

In the 3 digit number 928 the 9  is in the Hundreds place
                                      the 2 is in the tens place
                                        the 8  is in the units place

This video song can help you to understand!

Now, the VALUE for each digit in the number 369 (three hundred and sixty nine) is:
3 is in the Hundreds place, so its value is 300
6 is in the tens place, so its value is 60
9 is in the units place, so its value is 9

The expanded form of a 3 digit number can help you to understand 
457= 400+50+7
370= 300+70+0
201= 200+  0+1

Watch this video about Expanded Form

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